1. dialogical: art over time, a series

    2023-12-22 23:47:00 UTC
    Over the course of this series, we will explore the intriguing concept of dialogical art, tracing its roots from literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin, who asserted that every work of art can be perceived as a dialogue - a dynamic exchange of varied perspectives, interpretations, and meanings. We will explore the…

  2. neuroarts: exploring the creative mind, a series

    2023-12-07 03:38:25 UTC
    We are engaging with the world around us and within us, making sense of our experiences, and uncovering new ideas. This lifelong process of discovery and creation, driven by the brain’s innate ability to engage in creative thought, is a unifying experience. But did you know that the creative process…

  3. Working Gear’s Grand Reopening + Fundraiser

    2022-09-02 21:14:07 UTC
    To celebrate the reopening of Working Gear and in support of the volunteer-led organization’s meaningful work in Vancouver’s DTES, This Gallery invites you to explore both silent and live auctions to collect available work donated by the many contributing artists. To see the exhibition catalogue, click here. To purchase tickets…

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